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Shooting Sports Record Book Check List
Record books are now available online at You will have a couple options when it comes to completing and filling out your record book. Books may be completed online or may be printed off and filled out by hand. For 4-Hers who do not have access to the Internet, a CD is available so you can print your book off at home. Members who do not have a computer may still obtain a record book from the extension office.

Here are some things you might keep in mind or try when filling out your record books.
1. Make sure you fill out the front of the book, get all of the required signatures and write your hunter safety number in the space provided. Anything missing will result in a deduction in the record book's score.
2. The goal page should be filled out. Make sure you put down the three goals. This is a requirement in the record book. Goals should be something you can do during the current 4-H year. Make sure you cover all three goals in your plan of achievement. Also make sure you get signatures that are required.
3. On the Inventory page make sure you put any equipment you had at the start of the current 4-H year. If you were given a gun as a gift or borrowed it put down the approximate value of the gun. Make sure the total the value column. Double-check your addition.
4. On the Shooting expense summary page: put in anything that cost you or your parents money after you start to do shooting. This includes equipment, guns, gas to go to the range, shells, round fees and any drinks or candy bars bought at the range. To figure gas expense figure out what the distance is from your house to the ranges and figure around 37 cents per mile. Make sure you total each column and check you addition.
5. On the Record score sheet page there are score sheets for all the different shooting sports activities. If there is any activity you are not doing put a n/a on that page or you can write that you are not doing that activity. Make sure there is something on every page so the judge will know that you at least looked at each page. Make sure you keep all of your scores. It is your responsibility to get your scores and record them in your book.
6. On the Goal Evaluation page make sure you look at your three goals in the front of the book. Explain if you accomplished your goals or not and why or why not. If one of your goals is to get to go to the state fair competition, you will need to go to the extension office and finish writing your evaluation page as your record book will have to be turned in before the county fair competition. Be sure to sign this page.
7. On the story page make sure that you write a story about all that you have done in shooting sports. If you are doing more than shotgun, for example you are doing Shotgun and archery, you need to cover both programs in your story. Read the instructions on the page. The instructions will help you to write the story. Again make sure you sign the page Also, if you want to tell how you did at the county competition, go to the extension office and finish your story or write an additional part for your story on another sheet of paper and turn it into the extension office. If you keep your record books each year, you will be able to see the improvements you have made.
8. Shooting Sports Demonstration: Make sure you do a demonstration for shooting sports, give details on what, why, and where the demonstration was given. It is recommended that you take pictures of this. Make sure when someone takes a picture that all safety requirements are met. At no time should the firearm or bow be aimed in the direction of the camera.
9. You may have up to three picture pages. Make sure you put captions under your pictures telling about each picture. You may also put a title on each page. Try to make these pages as neat as possible. If you are doing more than one activity in shooting sports, over all of them with pictures.
10. Try to keep your record books neat! You can put record books in notebooks. If you have to add pages and it is not in a notebook, staple or paper clip extra pages so they do not get lost.

Juniors and Seniors must have a score of 70 or better on their record books.

If you need more help with your record book contact your leader or the extension office.


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